What Kind Of Kitchen Window Valances

Kitchen Window Valances Treatment

Kitchen window valances – Kitchen windows come in all sizes and shapes, with views ranging from sweeping pastoral views to nearby houses and driveways. The type of curtains that you choose depends on how much privacy as you want, as well as the decor of your kitchen. Curtains vary in style from simple to fancy.

To keep the view from the window as open as possible, but decorated, curtain is good kitchen window valances treatments that they only cover the upper part of the window. They come with ruffles, in tailored styles with straight edges and patterns that hang slightly lower on the sides and tied back. Balloon Curtain Blinds creates a puffy effect during the curtain rod and made of fabric material gives the room an air of old-world charm. Sheer curtain let filtered light in the kitchen and provide minimal privacy.

Large kitchen window valances can be covered with curtains pulled open and closed with breaking system. For maximum viewing and design options, install sheer curtains behind the regular ones to filter the early morning sunlight and make the heavier outer drapes completely blocks the view in or out the window. Insulated drapes keep the kitchen cool in the summer and keep heat in during the winter months.

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Diy Kitchen Window Valances

For just windows in need of sprucing up, cloaks a simple way to dress them up, creating an inviting and polished look. Hung across upper part of window, add this decoration drapes a framed look while creating illusion of a larger window. Even if you do not have a lot of decor or sewing experience, you can make your own Valance.

Choose your fabric. Most important step in creation of Valance is to choose a fabric that complements your decor. For do-it-yourself caps on a budget, you can avoid buying substance completely by making a visit to your closet. Hiding away, an old dress or neglected shawl could provide perfect fabric you are looking for. You can also find such clothing to spot prices at your local thrift store. This is a great way to make use of beautiful clothes and display them in your home while saving money.

Measure width of window with help of a tape measure. You will need a piece of fabric approximately twice as wide as your window and about 16 inches long. Start by hemming sides and bottom to create smooth edges. As an alternative to stitching, be a hot glue gun is replaced in order to ensure hemline.  Create header: Turn valance fabric, so that hemmed sides are downward. Fold bottom, so that all edges meet. Sew a straight line across fabric to create a seam. Measure three inches down from seam and stitch across width of fabric. This is headline of your valance.

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Create a rod pocket valance to hang from. Measure three inches down from new stitch and back stitch across width of fabric. This is rod pipe for your valance to hang from.  Install a drapery pole above window. If you mount rod holders on wall, be sure to use drywall anchors. For those who want to avoid hassle of installing rods, believes many of “stick on” options. These can be found in most craft or home improvement stores. Slide valance on curtain rod, and scrunch and fluff as desired.

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