Warm And Inviting Terracotta Floor Tiles Kitchen

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Terracotta floor tiles – A Mexican themed kitchen is a warm and inviting place. In Mexico, the kitchen has traditionally been the center of the household where the family comes together to share food and conversation. In choosing a Mexican theme for a kitchen, the goal is to recreate that atmosphere and turn an ordinary kitchen into the family haunt. Fortunately Mexican kitchen decor is a perennial favorite, and many desirable objects are widely available.

Terracotta are one of the most common elements in a Mexican kitchen. Large terracotta floor tiles create a warm, traditional look and are easy to care for. Unfinished terracotta pottery gives a traditional style to the room while also practical. Bright colors are always found in a Mexican kitchen. The idea is to create a lively and welcoming space where people want to spend time, so the use of color is important. Warm colors like red, orange and yellow encourage conversation and interaction, while cool accents of blue, green and turquoise invite people to relax and feel at home.

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Hand painted terracotta floor tiles are ubiquitous in the Mexican kitchen. Mexico has a proud tradition of brightly painted bowls, jugs and pots that will liven up the decor of any kitchen. Usually painted in traditional Aztec or Mayan motifs include modern versions floral decoration and desert scenes as well.