Set Up Folding Accordion Door Hardware

Accordion Door Hardware Ideas

Accordion door hardware – Accordion doors usually come in sets. Most sets include folding door prevailed screw holes on one side for mounting on a doorjamb, an upper track, locking tapes and hardware for installation. Most sets also come with a lower track that may or may not be installed. Many sets come in standard sizes, and their height can be cut.

Measure the width of the accordion door hardware. Measure the height of the space in three locations: left, right and middle. Use the shortest of these measurements to ensure that the doors did not pull when they are installed. Buy accordion door set according to the measurements in the previous step. If necessary, cut the folding door to the correct height. Hold the top track at the top of the opening to make sure it fits. Map position. If it is too long, cut it to size with a hacksaw. Dry the pure metal particles.

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Stand door vertically on the floor, hanging wheels are on top. Slide the track on wheels one at a time and make sure they are all properly seated. Ask a friend to help you in the accordion door hardware and track into the doorway. Slide the door out of the way and screw one end of the field to the doorjamb in the position you selected in Step 3. Installing two or three screws in this step. Slide door to the other end of the field and install the remaining screws. Make sure the track is properly installed in the right place, and the door slides easily into the track in both directions.