Red And White Modern Living Room

Red And White Modern Living Room Paint Color Ideas

Red And White Modern Living Room – If you are looking for a new color to your room and want to get away from the traditional, one of the best options will be red . Why? It is a color that quickly will get the warmth you need for your guests.

Just learn to give the right balance so as not to saturate because it is a very strong tone. For example, combining it with white or cream, you get both tranquility and warmth. How can you decorate your red and white modern living room ? I’ll show it to you!

Red wall to the room

If you want your room is decorated in red, the easiest thing is that you paint one wall in red . What I recommend is that they are only one or two others in a light color to get a good effect. Look for furniture also in two colors: both red and white or cream , but the latter must gain in volume and quantity and photography.

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Red and beige in your room

A good color for you combine red and white modern living room it with red is beige . For example your main sofa can be in that color, while your curtains or other furniture can be in red. Choose points smaller red as a chair, a table, some flowers or a book.