How To Reclaimed Wood Tile

Reclaimed Wood Tile Design

Reclaimed wood tile – There are many reasons to recycle old wood tile. Installers previously had access to exotic species that have become difficult to obtain. Even some old, rolled sawn pine and spruce planks are worth using again, because of the rich patina they have developed over the years. You need to carefully disassemble the floor and prepare the wood if you want to reuse it, but installing reclaimed wood tile is similar to adding new wood.


The boards have a tongue and groove. To pry them out with as little damage as possible, you have to pry the tongue sides, so make the cut on the side of the tile on which the tabs are facing. You will lose the race of the tile through which you make the cut, but you should be able to save the rest.

This will expose the nails into the tongue of the board next. Wedge the pry bar between the board and the tile, near one of the nails, tapping the bar with a hammer, if necessary, and lift the board up to pry the nail from the tile. Work out all the nails in this way, then slide the board from the one next to it and remove it.

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Remove all the floorboards in this way. It takes time, but if you work carefully, should the surfaces of the boards remain undamaged. Stack the boards in a safe place until you are ready to re-use them. Install the panels in the same way you would install new reclaimed wood tile. Cover the tile with a moisture barrier, and nail boards to a floor mailer. Be sure to spread the boards so there is at least a 6-inch distance between their ends.

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