Matte Subway Tile: Urban Chic For Bathroom And Kitchen

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Matte subway tile – It is a trend that has made it straight from the “underground” into our home. Matte tiles have found their way out of old matte stations in bathrooms and kitchens. After the tiles have been given little attention in the underground stations for decades, they now conquer our interior furnishings. Rightly so, because the tiles in the art nouveau style are simple and yet a real eye-catcher.

Matte subway tile are known for their use in the Paris. But they were often used in the London Underground as well. So they always bring a pinch of big city flair into the four walls. The tiles usually consist of stoneware and can be combined perfectly with cement tiles. The different look of the surfaces creates an interesting contrast. Which captures the viewer’s eye in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom?

But not only in the subway station, but also in the kitchen or in the bathroom, the matte subway tile performs well. As a wall tile, it not only creates a modern urban look, but also protects the wall against contamination. If there is something hotter in the kitchen when cooking, a tile mirror on the wall of Matte tiles can help. Choose in a striking color or a technique like Raquel, it can serve as a splash protection and also create fascinating contrasts. In the bathroom, it may also be the all-over look.

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