Long Sheers And Short Window Curtains

Long Short Window Curtains

Short Window Curtains – Styling your short windows may not be as easy as you think. Although tailor-made window treatments are the perfect length can at first seem to be the only option is to hang long curtains and sheers another equally viable option.

Before deciding to use long thin and curtains in your window treatment design, measure how short your window actually is. As a subjective word, “short” mean something very different for you than it does to your neighbor. In addition, a wide variety of shapes and types of short window curtains available for varying sizes. This includes anticipated or bay windows, small over the door transom, custom-shaped windows as octagons, and more traditional double hung or casement types. While a long pair of thin and curtains can easily fit a traditional casement or double hung style, they will look out of place hanging on a short octagon or transom.

Depending on your room design plan, the decision to use long or short window curtains and sheers not make a noticeable difference. Placing furniture directly in front of or during a short window to make it easy to hide or cover a longer window treatment. If you have a few long curtains that you can not or do not want to change, you can hang them on a short window of a long couch be the key to keeping your room in balance. Just hide the bottom half of thin and curtain behind the sofa. This will give the illusion that the curtains are either the same size or slightly longer than the window itself.

Ideas for making kitchen curtains

Go online or to a department or home improvement store, and you’ll likely find a variety of window treatments that can meet your needs. But maybe you want something a little more creative for your kitchen. Maybe it’s hard to find curtains in the right size for your above-sink window, or maybe you’re just on a tight budget. Consider making your own window treatment. Choose from any number of substances and recycled items and those you have on hand.

Tea towels are relatively easy, and when hung vertically above a window, they let light pass through while giving you privacy. If you are handy with a sewing machine, button hole in the upper right and lower right corners of the towel. Run a shower curtain hook through each buttonhole, attach the cloth to a curtain rod and hang the curtain. An easier alternative uses curtain clips. You will not deface the dish towels and can use them in some way in the future.

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Turn vintage aprons in funky curtains to a kitchen window. Choose 2-4 aprons without bibs. Cut from the strip and sew the openings shut. Line up curtains in an arrangement that pleases you. Buttonhole with your sewing machine along the waistband and fasten aprons to a curtain rod or just use curtain clips.

Make your own beaded curtains from large plastic or wooden beads in one or more colors that complement your kitchen. Use lengths of string to thread your beads. Each should be the length of your window, plus 3 or 4 inches, so you can tie the top of the string around the curtain rod. Tie a knot at the bottom of the string and slide the beads in place. Repeat for as many beaded strands as you wish. Tie the strings loosely around the curtain rod so you can arrange beaded curtain any way you wish.

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