Installing Door Latch Hardware

Contemporary Door Latch Hardware

Door latch hardware – To maintain the privacy of this room we will place a decorative latch on the inside of the door. In the market we will find this type of latch, in different finishes, which will allow us to choose the most suitable to the decoration of the room.

The latch consists of two pieces, one that will be placed in the door and another in the frame. We will begin to work at the door, loosen the base plate of the bolt, place the level on the door leaf and mark its position. Introduce the plate on the door leaf, to the desired height, and fix it with a few screws. Next, place the latch and trim. We take the door to the jamb with the door latch hardware in the closed position, we mark its corresponding location in the frame.

Since the jamb has a small relief that prevents the correct fixing of the base plate of this part of the door latch hardware, we will make a recess in the wood with a chisel. Now we can place the plate, fix it with a few screws and put the bezel. In this way, we will have the latch placed and well integrated into the decoration of our room.

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