Installing Closet Bi Fold Doors Hardware

Glass Bi Fold Doors Hardware

Bi fold doors hardware – Let’s starting with measure the width of the cabinet opening. If this opening is larger than 36 inches, you need two bifold doors. Pull 1/4 inch from the measurement and divide it by two, if you install two doors. Cut each track for this length with a hacksaw. Mark the center of the top of the cabinet with a pencil. Connect the two pieces of track together with the track connector plate. Attach these pieces to the cabinet header with screws.

Set turns into the holes on top of the leading panels of the bifold doors. Gently tap them with a hammer. Place the guide comes in the holes on the indicative doors and presses them in as well. Set the lower case in the holes on the bottom of bifold door guides and hammer them in. Place the frame bracket closet bi fold doors hardware on the floor directly below the upper pivot bracket. Drill pilot holes in the doorjamb and the floor, before securing the jamb bracket with screws.

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Push snugger guide into the center of the track. Measure up from the floor 36 inches. Make a mark at this level in the middle of the door. Drill a hole through the door on the mark you just made. Place the back of the ripcord behind the door and twist the knob. Close doors and measure 12 inches from the floor. Make a mark at this height, at the inner edge of each door on the inside. Secure one door aligner on every door on this brand. And the closet bi fold doors hardware installation was finished.