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Transition strip wood to tile – Installing the floor tiles are often about placing new tile surface next to an existing surface consisting of different materials. Whether the material is wood, stone, carpet or another tray type, it is likely to be a difference in height between the two surfaces. Without proper transition between the two surfaces, the height difference creating a tripping hazard. To make the change between the surfaces smoother, you can put a T-shaped transition strip of the gulf between them, to create a smooth elevation change and greatly reduce the chances of tripping.

How to install transition strip wood to tile, measure the length of the edge of the tiled area in which you have to install transition. Mark the measured length of the body of the transition track and tape with a pencil. Cut timeline transition track and T-shaped strip transition along the selected pen with a circular saw. Support a layer of glue on the bottom of the track and place it in the joint between the two surfaces. Press firmly on track for 30 seconds to allow the adhesive to bond to the subfloor.

After that to install transition strip wood to tile, feel attack by the transition strip of two tiled surfaces by placing the strip in the groove. Examine the bottom on both sides of the strip lying on the coupled surfaces.  Holder glue at the bottom of the tab that fits into the groove. Place the strip in the timeline the transition track and exploit the position using a rubber mallet.

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