Install A Top Of The Ball Catch Door Hardware Lock

Drive In Ball Catch Door Hardware

Ball catch door hardware – Firstly, find the place where the ball catch will be installed on top of the door. From the edge of the door, measure and mark 2 inches. This label centered between the back faces and front of the door. Measure the width and height of the barrel in the clasp. Drill a hole (with slightly deeper than the height of the ball catch) centered on the location mark. Drop the ball catch in the hole. Then, with the screws fasten the front panel to the top of the door.

Close the door and make a mark above the center of the ball catch. Make another mark on the side of the door frame that marks the center of the door frame, as measured from the front of the door frame to the door stop. Centered on the mark on the underside of the door frame, drill a shallow hole. Install the ball catch door hardware plate on the door frame.

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The indentation on the plate to fit into the shallow hole. Secure the plate to the bracket. Adjust the ball lock up or down as required by turning the ring is placed directly under the ball. Use a flat screwdriver to turn the ring. Insert a corner of the screwdriver in the notch in the ring and push it to turn the ring. The door should close without requiring much pressure, and should be closed without rattling around. Keep adjusting the clasp until the door closes satisfactory. And the ball catch door hardware was ready to use.

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