Ideas To Install Almond Subway Tile

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Almond subway tile – Install a tile backsplash can add value and style to your kitchen or bathroom. This tutorial shows you how to install subway tiles, arranged like bricks, which mimics the plates, are available in many New York subway stations. Before you begin measuring the space to be tiled. A tile begins on the bench and typically increases from 8 inches to all the way to the cabinets above.

Buy enough almond subway tile to cover the desired area, plus 20 percent of crimes and edges. Remove any electrical outlet and switch covers. Ensure that the wall is free of condensation, unpatched cracks or loose coatings as wallpaper. If necessary, scrape off any loose paint and lightly sand any glossy paint coatings. Wash the wall with warm water and let dry completely.

Install the almond subway tile. Using a trowel, apply the waterproofing adhesive in a 1/8 to 1 / 16th inch layer. The binder can dry quickly so work in small squares of 2 to 3 feet on a side. Attach first plate horizontally in the middle of the tile just above the bench. Gently rotate the plate to set the glue. Place spacers at each corner of the plate and push them into the adhesive. For corners next to the bench, cut one end of the spacers before inserting.

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