How To Remove Garage Door Hinges

Beautiful Garage Door Hinges

Garage door hinges – Regular maintenance of your garage door will keep it in shape, but eventually you may find that you need to replace a hinge or a roller. Wooden door hinges attached to the garage door with carriage bolts that go through to the outside of the door to the inside. Nuts attach the hinges to the carriage bolts and the door. Steel garages hinges are secured with a screw from just inside. To replace the hinges, you must remove it and take it to a home improvement center or garage door dealer to buy the correct replacement.

Apply a few shots of penetrating oil on each of the nuts securing the hinge to remove; four bolts securing each garage door hinges. Allow the penetrating oil to sit for five minutes to allow it to work. Remove the mounting nuts with a 7/16 inch socket wrench. We need a wrench, because the bolts are likely to have rust on their ends. Some bolts can spin when trying to loosen the nut. As the head of the bolt on the outside of the door is flat, you need to break the bolt from the inside.

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Tighten the jaw ends of a pair of locking pliers on the nut on the bolt to spin. Locking pliers on the nut by turning the handles. Pull up, and then push down on the handles of the pliers to bend the pin. Keep driving up and down until the bolt breaks behind the nut. Tap ends of each pin with a hammer until the ends are flush with the hinge. Pull the garage door hinges. Go out and take the old bolts out of the front door panel.