How To Care Pocket Door Hardware Rollers

Pocket Door Hardware Rollers Interior

Pocket Door Hardware Rollers – The two types of doors are easier to open at all- not have hinges instead slide on the slopes. Sliding glass doors are a popular feature in the rooms with terraces or patios because their glass panel’s length visually opens the room for the outdoors while providing easy access to the outside. Interior sliding doors are frequently used for cabinets and pantries, and sometimes to hide water heaters and furnaces.

Sometimes patio doors become difficult to open even when the track is clean. In these cases, the problem is usually that the rollers on the bottom of the door have begun to rub against the track. The pocket door hardware rollers at the top can also wear, lower the bottom of the door to rub on the track. Most sliding doors have a mechanism called an adjustment screw located at the bottom of the ends of the doors. Turning this screw-up or down the roller. Give the screw one turn clockwise and test to see if the door slides easily.

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The sliding closet doors operate on pocket door hardware rollers that are placed on the tracks at the top jamb and floor, allowing doors to avoid each other on the slopes. To clean and lubricate the hardware of a sliding closet door, use a stiff brush, a toothbrush or hand vacuum to clean dust from the tracks. Use a spray lubricant to lubricate all roller door.