Hexagon Floor Tile Installation

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Hexagon floor tile – For the Stone Setting hexagon floor tile, starting with sweep up all the dirt and dust from floor. Mix thinset in the 5-gallon bucket using the electric drill and mixing paddle. Apply thinset on the floor. Apply thinset in small areas that are only slightly larger than a hexagon tile sheets. Starting work in the corner farthest from the room’s exit. Trim the wall edges of the hexagonal tile sheet using the tile rod (see tile rod instructions before use).

Insert the hexagon floor tile sheets of thinset and press firmly. Press 2-foot level of the tile sheet surface to displace somewhat uneven lumps. Work your way in the rest of the floor by means of this process. Trimming the tile sheets using the tile nipper and razor knife to fit as necessary, the tile panels are glued to the mesh fabric, which can be trimmed with a razor blade. Allow thinset cure properly before proceeding to the next step. Refer to the thinset packaging for curing times.

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For the grout of hexagon floor tile installation, mix the grout into the 5-gallon pail by means of electrical. drill and mixing paddle. Apply the grout to the hexagonal tile plates using rubber float and spread evenly across the tile surface in order. This to fill all the tile joints. start grout used in the same corner you started laying tile. Cleanliness excess grout from the tile and grout with a large wet sponge. Rinse the sponge is needed. Refer to grout packaging for any special or additional instructions.