Double Wide Window Curtains

Wide Window Curtains Living Room

Wide window curtains – Procedure to buy any home furnishing fabric begins with the recording of accurate measurement. When it comes to the curtain, the exact size of this living fabric enhances the beauty of your room. Or, oversized or too small fabric window does not blend well with windows and furniture. Therefore, measuring the size of the window is the first thing you should do before you buy blinds online.

In the quest to get the best pair of curtains, you must take the first step by measuring the size wide window curtains. If you are not quite sure about the size of your window, here is how you can measure accurately. First of all, you need to fix the pole curtains at the window where you want to hang the fabric window. Poles should be larger than the window so that the curtains do not block out the sun when it is open. Therefore, the poles should be 15 cm larger than the windows on each side. Once you fix the right pole, measure its size.

Secondly, you must decide whether you want a single, full length curtain or a curtain. Wide window curtains you have measured will correspond to a single curtain; whereas you have to increase the size of 20 cm if you want to use a pair.

Interior Wide Window Curtains Style

One of great doubts, when decorating our home, is to choose right curtains for each room. Personally, in decoration, lighting, walls and textiles are my favorite areas. Some people put functionality ahead, without giving up aesthetics. Others consider curtains an important choice. Because, in addition to fulfilling their function – filtering exterior light, providing privacy or even protect us from cold. They dress windows.

Currently there are many types of curtains and blinds. And this variety allows us to combine functionality and aesthetics, achieving really spectacular results: Traditional curtains, curtains, curtains … smooth or printed. As for Blinds, choices are varied: Paquetos, screen blinds, Japanese panels, blinds net curtain, printed curtains … A third option are venetian blinds and wooden slats. In many websites they are classified as curtains, in others as blinds. Personally, I think second is right thing to do.

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In a matter of aesthetics, factors that we must take into account when choosing curtains are decorative style of our room. Effect we wish to achieve and colors, patterns and suitable materials. It is a good starting point to choose furniture. Decorative elements and of course curtains.  Regarding color or stamping, if room is very sober or monotonous. It is best to choose curtains, curtains or blinds that combine with one or more cheerful colors from furniture. Lamps or decorative elements, creating an attractive focal point that Encourage stay In these two examples. Curtains are based on predominant neutral colors in room. But their print adds dynamism. If we imagine these two rooms without those curtains or with more sober curtains, result would not be same.

Stays with excessive coloring coming from walls or decorative elements or those rooms that are very saturated with numerous pieces of furniture and decorative objects, require curtains that balance that excess. In these cases, normally curtains smooth or with neutral colored stamping as a base or that maintain harmony of palette of predominant colors of stay with a softer tone, are always a wise choice.

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