Distinctive Craftsman Cabinet Hardware

Corner Craftsman Cabinet Hardware

Craftsman cabinet hardware – Kitchen cabinets are divided into either traditional or contemporary style. Each style contains subgroups of styles, special decor. Traditional kitchen cabinets include crafts, country, rustic, old world and early traditional styles. Subgroups are categorized in a number of more specialized design styles. Traditional kitchen cabinet is classic and stylish. Metal or leather hardware, richly stained or painted wooden floors and raised panel doors are characteristics common to traditional kitchen cabinet.

Traditional arts and crafts style includes craftsman, mission and prairie styles. Derived from British Arts and Crafts movement of 1860s, American Craftsman styled cabinet simple in design. Constructed of affordable wood in cherry, maple and white or red oak, include these craftsman cabinet hardware straight lines and little ornamentation. Spaniards affected Mission-style, while prairie style originated in western United States.

Southwest, log cabin, lodge and Adirondack are traditional rustic styles of kitchen cabinet. Natural, unrefined forests of pine, aspen, maple and alder are commonly utilized in creation of rustic kitchen cabinets. Defects such as knotholes add to outdoorsy mood. Primitive, unrefined hardware in copper, leather or wrought iron accommodate this housing style. Castle, chateau and Mediterranean describe traditional old world kitchen cabinets. Living in a castle or chateau during 1700s in Europe echos atmosphere of traditional old world style craftsman cabinet hardware.

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