Decorating Ideas Nautical Living Room

Blue Nautical Living Rooms

Nautical living room – Are you someone who is crazy with shades of the sea? Do you also often collect unique souvenirs of the beach? Find out more about home decor minimalist nautical style in this article. Living room into one of the rooms that you should prioritize in designing the room nuanced nautical.

Nautical living room is very unique, but many people who rarely apply it, because they think the rooms in the house certainly would look too crowded. You do not need to enter the furnishings in the ship into your home. With a little creativity, parts of ships were there, but not too striking. When entering items into the house, you need to measure the area that will be entered these items, make sure that not too cramped.

Helm or wheel of the ship is the most striking part of the decor nautical living room. Looks very antique and classic, a rudderless ship is the coolest part that you can put in the family room. You can put on a coat, or a sofa, and be sure put in the midst of wall sections, make it look neat.

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Choose a medium-sized or large according to the size of the room. Place the anchor on the outside door of the house, you can choose which is made of bronze, stainless steel or wood, it all depends on your taste. Or maybe you can style it with carvings very pretty. Choose one that is not too big to make it look cute and interesting.