Create Decorative Kitchen Tile Murals

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Kitchen tile murals – A stone mural is a decorative addition to the kitchen walls, either incorporated into the overall kitchen tiling, or hung or attached to separate kitchen wall. The possibilities are almost endless when you create your own mural kitchen tile-you do not even buy special plates-you can put almost any image you want on plain tiles for a mural effect that will add a bold focal point to your.

How to create decorative kitchen tile murals, measure the dimensions of your tiles, rule since a grid on the back of your chosen poster or a picture to the tile dimensions. Cut along the lines with a utility knife so your picture is now in tile-sized pieces. Paint the back of each picture piece with glue, and make sure the entire surface is covered, place it over the surface of the tile, make sure that the image is flat, and the edges are even with the tiles. Let dry thoroughly. Place flat plastic bag. Is it best to do this in an area like a garage, or even a bathroom to clean up easier.

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After that to create decorative kitchen tile murals, mix the epoxy resin into the bucket, stirring with a flat stick or old yardstick. It is important to act quickly, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly. Pour the mixed epoxy resin over the surface of the plate as soon as it is mixed let it sit in the bucket. Pour a generous amount of each tray-it will spill over the sides and into the bag, but that is what the bag is for-capturing epoxy runoff.