Beneficial Of Granite Floor Tiles

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Granite floor tiles – Of all the possibilities available in floor coverings, the granite is the hardest, and it resists in a superb way the wear and the high traffic. Granite is hard, supports loads, rubbing, and is also highly stain resistant. Its waterproof ability is unique, being able to be cleaned with fluids without problems, and eliminating the possibility of molds or molds by humidity. It has a very low porosity, so that it does not accumulate dirt and is maintained only with the passage of a rag or brush.

That is why it is the most chosen material for coating kitchen countertops and bathrooms, although their use in floors is exemplary. Despite its hardness, the granite floor tiles can receive streaks of the quartz, element present in sands and others that are deposited in the daily traffic. For this reason, gentle cleaning is necessary, without pressures and without corrosive chemicals, such as ammonia and acids.

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Regular maintenance of granite floor tiles should be done with mop, warm water and neutral soap, or natural and non-abrasive cleaner daily. Once a week you can apply a more aggressive product, or apply polishes, always reviewing with a dry and soft cloth to make it look natural and exemplary. To renew its surface or to recover the brightness, a crystallizing agent can be applied once a month, along with a polishing at high speed.

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