Beauty Skylight Window Shades

Bedroom Skylight Window Shades

Skylight window shades – Skylight (also called a roof window) is installed on roof window. It can be fixed or open-able for ventilation. Skylight adds beauty to a house and allows natural light into a room from above. If you have an attic or a dark closet or room, you can get sunlight on her through a skylight that runs along ceiling.

There are different materials that skylight window shades are made of, but most common is glass and plastic. Usually it installed on roof part that is why it is also called a roof window. Skylights can also be installed on side of building or on walls.

What are disadvantages of skylight window shades? Climate Control: During hot summer months, solar heat gain through skylight may be forced to re-adjust air conditioning thermostat to offset rising energy bills. During winter, cold air, snow and ice also a skylight can be forced to use more heating energy. Condensation which forms inside a skylight can also be a problem in winter. Cleaning: Most skylights do not have coatings or window treatments, so that dust can accumulate quickly. Cleaning and dusting high skylights can be a problem. Dusters with handles and extended ladders are needed. Moreover, you will have to climb on roof to clean exterior.

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