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Attic door hardware – Disguising an attic door to keep it secret strongly dependent on the room’s decor and construction. It is quite challenging to delete the edges of a ceiling-mounted door attic space to do so is indistinguishable from the surrounding ceiling surface. Even small changes in color, shape or shadowing will immediately detect hidden door. However, the easiest way to hide the door pattern replication. With this technique, you are deleting is not the outline of the attic door – you are actually copying it over the rest of the ceiling will hide themselves, while in plain view.

Measure the dimensions of the attic door hardware with measuring tape. Remove any molding that surrounds the door. Gently use a claw hammer or small crow bar, and avoid damaging the attic door or around the ceiling. Construct a decorative grid of casting across the entire ceiling. Begin building grid by first framing attic door with molding. The pleas molding ceilings with nails. Casting should completely hide the gap between the door and the ceiling, but you must make sure that attic door has clearance through casting.

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Remove all attic door hardware. Paint any hardware that cannot be removed to mix hardware from the ceiling color. If the attic door is simply a panel that is pushed up and out of the way, you are finished. If the door to be pulled, go to the next step.

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